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Elve by AshenShade Elve :iconashenshade:AshenShade 0 0 Crimson and Azure - Color corrected by AshenShade Crimson and Azure - Color corrected :iconashenshade:AshenShade 3 0 Git Tower by AshenShade Git Tower :iconashenshade:AshenShade 0 0 Git force-based layout by AshenShade Git force-based layout :iconashenshade:AshenShade 0 0
Mind and Body
"And as I walked through the infinite halls of revisitation, I came across a human specimen. Or rather, what used to be a human. Then again, he or she never was anything but this, so it stands to reason that a human would not classify this as of the same species, neither now, or ever.
The skin was separate, most of the muscles split up. And all the organs, veins, the nervous system, virtually every connection present in the human body, was split up into a wide area, kept in place and alive by restraint systems, filigree support connections, accelerators, and separation barriers. The body was safe, healthy, and functional, but by the looks, it was not human. It was grown this way, more like a plant than a physically acting being. Yet healthier than any other human in existence.
What was remarkable was that the same separation had been applied to the brain. What was usually one more or less solid block of logic interconnection had been split into millions of sectors, connected by artific
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The Restless City
The planet of Alarian, second in a sequence of 8 planets, had always been the seat of the Syntra realm.
Upon its manifold surface the one thing that characterized it the most was the Syntra's eternal capital: the restless city. A city covering one tenth of the planet's surface, and, as the name implies, never standing still. Buildings constantly shifted, reforming in the image of the Syntra state of mind. Never at ease, never at peace, the city would never sleep, never stop changing, because such was its definition.
The Syntra mind had no need for familiarity or memorized patterns, because - like everything - the city's layout was always globally known. As such, it was never bound to any fixed shape, and could evolve as the Syntra nation itself did.
And even when finally their existence became abstract, the city remained restless, forever trying to please its transcending creators.
As the city moved, it constantly glided over the natural cover of the planet's surface, even through cave
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A name, a word. Just a word, whose undying legacy now walks beneath my dreams. A shapeless ghost to welcome my fallen self to the darkness of a sunless world. And the waking beast emerges from the depthless shadows of my soul, to guide my thoughts to the paths of deception.
Sleeplessly I walk up to the mirror, silently questioning that which is, and wait to see its answer. A distorted reflection of the world we believe to perceive. A reflection and yet not.
Beneath the face of my now empty shell, I can see a creature darker than my darkest thoughts, ever gazing at this blackened heart of mine. For it sees something I do not...
It speaks, tirelessly. I know as much but fail to understand, wondering if anyone ever did. When it stops speaking, it emerges as a savage beast to tear my soul apart, so that I may come to understand the meaning of pain. And just as I am about to shatter, it turns into a faceless angel, cold yet calm, cradling my broken self, so that I may heal into something ne
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"The council of chiefs sent me to you, oh wise Shaman, for they deem me worthy.
I wish to learn your ways, so that I, too, may be called shaman one day."
The Manitou lowered his gaze and looked at the young Indian, that was cowering before him. His immortal eyes would never fade from solid white, but his gaze could be felt as a warm breeze.
And with the voices of a thousand he spoke.
"So be it.
Behold the legacies of those that have gone before, gain wisdom and understanding through their words, until you are as they were."
The tent stretched to the horizon and beyond, so that everything would find a place within. An endless sea of ghosts emerged from the veld and the sea, the skies and stars above, floating freely through the infinity of the new-found world within worlds. Forming flocks like fish in the wind, boundless and timeless.
In-between, the souls of old approached the young Indian, one by one, to pass on their knowledge, their views and believes. Each would emerge and speak, t
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i dream in others' dreamless thoughts
of that which never was and never is
i dream in shadows' mindless words
of that which reaches not to end
a hollow pathway, darkend lights
a sea of ghosts's the only white
the stream of symbols never dies
its truths forever out of sight
:iconashenshade:AshenShade 1 2
the ever mindless, free they seem,
seamless form the endless stream.
we are the streamless lost therein,
a losless piece of mind within.
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Abstract Zero - Chapter 0
A morning and yet not. Awaking has always been an odd thing to me. Drawn away from one world, unreal and yet somewhat safe, to one without truth: a reality. A world of clouded minds and occluded thoughts, blindfolded views and ideals forever out of reach.
I find myself half awake in a world of cold. Half asleep, for the machine inside my head prevents me from fully awaking, denies my consciousness control in a world that no longer requires such.
Replaced by half real inputs and numeric reactions, a joint automaton now is in control. One that no longer cares for any self, for any me. I know this but I don't care either, for in truth I am as cold as the soulless machinery. Perhaps I am just as soulless...
I feel my breath. My lungs, as they inhale and exhale. Invariant, indifferent, dull.
I feel the cold around me. Surrounding, limiting. Constraints in an environment that summons my claustrophobia. But even that is restrained by the cold inside my head. Part of the machinery reaches deep
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The demon's heart
A sense, unshaped, disturbs my rest
Casts tone between my thoughts. I dance,
embrace the nightmare's senseless glance.
And still believe to clearly see
and flee. In thoughts I'm free.
The presence steers the ageless dust
speaks words of timeless realms, unjust.
In echoes of a world unnear,
now torn away, for all to fear.
the demon's heart within my chest.
:iconashenshade:AshenShade 1 2
In Glut Geformt
In Glut geformt, der schwarze Glanz
Der Morgen Trümmer Eleganz.
Zerpflügt der Kriege Wahnestanz,
Malt schwarz des Lichten Arroganz.
Geschrieben stand der Drachen Jahr.
In Tod gemalt, der Götter Welt.
Der Himmel Lüge nimmer wahr,
Nahm Stern um Stern vom Himmelszelt.
Verhallt, der Morgen schwarzer Sang
Verstellt, der Toten weißer Bann.
Verschmied', der Drachen dunkles Blut,
Zerschmied', der Frevel gleißend Glut.
Im Krieg geführt, im Tod verwandt,
Die schwarze Klinge uns verband.
Am Ende folgte der Verstand,
Ein kaltes Grab im toten Sand.
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Crimson and Azure by AshenShade Crimson and Azure :iconashenshade:AshenShade 16 2 LAN Party Poster 2008 by AshenShade LAN Party Poster 2008 :iconashenshade:AshenShade 0 0 Digital Perception by AshenShade Digital Perception :iconashenshade:AshenShade 0 0


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